Dance is for EVERYBODY action campaign fundraising efforts support virtual adapted dance lessons to children and adults, living with invisible and visible disabilities, while hospitalized and when they go back home. 

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We are excited to share that Dancin Power is turning 15 this month! Yes, can you believe that we have been doing this work for the past 15 years??? We feel beyond grateful to have the opportunity to serve over 19,000 hospitalized children and their families during this journey.

In the past 15 years, Dancin Power teachers saw many giggly smiles from our students, tears of joy from their parents, nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff. There have been countless hours bringing group dance sessions to kids in the hospital's playrooms or doing a 1:1 private session at the bedside in patient's rooms. Overall, we have had the honor to witness many sweet and touching moments shared between families going through a hard time as they endured the road to healing from many illnesses. Everything we do is possible thanks to people like you, who support us through donations, and believe that music and Dance's infinite power transform lives. 


The Dance is for EVERYBODY campaign is raising funds to produce Dancin Power Virtual Programming, which culminates in a several Zoom interactive lessons as well as a series of videos carefully crafted, by our experienced Dancin Power teachers, with adapted dance lessons to meet the children we serve where exactly they are. 


Here are ways that you can be part of the change Dancin Power is making in healthcare through dance, as we celebrate 15 years!

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us keep our work strong and alive in the journey of uplifting children's lives while hospitalized for over a decade. We are grateful that now, the kids we serve, will be able to experience our sessions while receiving treatment at the hospital, and when they go home. All thanks to the launch of Dancin Power's Virtual Program this month, and to supporters like you. 

This is Dancin Power

Check out for yourself the power dance has in the lives of kids facing the challenges of being sick, hospitalized, and away from everything that was once familiar to them.